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Program ideas Bratislava

Program ideas Bratislava

Follow Andy Warhol’s trail

After a short overview of Andy’s work and life, the group will be divided in small groups and will have to collect typical items in the City, thanks to a guidebook leading them.

They will be given a disposable camera to take pictures in the center of Bratislava. These elements will be used in the afternoon, in a privatized atelier, for each team to create their own pop-art installation (painting or
At the end of the day, cocktail at Erdody Palace, where the biggest private collection of Andy Warhol’s originals (120 pieces) is exhibited

* Evening :

Dinner at the restaurant Camouflage, known for it’s top notch cuisine and located underneath the Erdody gallery. The creations of the guests will be exhibited in the restaurant and a prize will be awarded to the best

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